Friday, May 15, 2009

Chase and Choke in a T20 match – the MI way

1. While Chasing make the most innocuous score look absolutely insurmountable

2. Pick an extra bowler, If he takes a wicket pull him out of the attack

3. Economical bowlers should only bowl the last over

4. Shuffle a successful batting order

5. Good batsmen should bat down the order, lest they might make some runs

6. When you require 8 runs per over, try some defensive strokes

7. When you require 6 of 9 balls – go for the big hits

8. Demote hard hitters, promote unknown faces

9. Play the first 10 overs like a 5 day match, let the pressure build, then lose wickets

10. If still you are close to victory – Choke

Written out of sheer frustration after MI VS RR T20 match (May 14th 2009)


Neha said...

Dont like to say this.... but I always told you so :P

Ritesh said...

Its the fate of a very good time going down under a confused and week captian.

tenalirama said...

Don't quite agree with your assessment.I think It's fate- Sachin, no matter what he does, is fated not to be a great captain.

If a Dhoni brings in Raina as a bowler-he performs. While no matter what Sachin does as a captain, invariably it backfires.

Now, when he shuffled the battinhg order, critics thought he should not have. When he decided to go ahead with a familiar bowling pattern, critics think he should have made changes. Ah Sachin! U after all are a mortal.

The modern great who was never to be a great captain

chetna gupta said...

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